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AirGo Outdoor

Posted on November 10th, by BOLLETER-LAB in Airplay Equipment, Aktiv-Lautsprecher, portable Lautsprecher. Kommentare deaktiviert

AirGo Outdoor

Wireless Freedom

The AirGo™ Outdoor Sound System is a portable amplifier speakerdock for an Apple® AirPort Express®. With the AirGo Outdoor you can stream music from an AirPlay® compatible device via the Apple AirPort Express.

Hotspot Flexibility

Since the Apple AirPort Express also has the ability to simultaneously act as a Wi-Fi repeater, the AirGo can also offer a Wi-Fi hotspot while listening to music at the same time, virtually anywhere*.

Great Sound in the Great Outdoors

As a high performance, quality outdoor sound system, the single large stereo speaker provides excellent sound quality and a wide sound stage. Place it on the deck near the house to cover the deck and backyard while having a cookout. Put it on the driveway near the garage when washing the car. Place it on the ground near the front door during seasonal events to play music and sound effects of your choice to match the occasion!

Fun To The Next Level

The AirGo Outdoor is easy and fun to use. With the Apple AirPort Express installed, stream music from your iPhone®, iPad®, Mac®, iTunes® or PC** and surf the net from your internet device at the same time. The bottom line is the AirGo Outdoor is fun, sounds great and brings outdoor recreation to the next level.


Setup is a breeze…

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